当日 入場券&キャンプイン入場券&駐車券 販売のお知らせ♪
News regarding the sale of tickets on the day of the event, including CAMP AREA ENTRY and PARKING tickets♪


当日キャンプイン入場券 & 当日入場券、当日駐車券各種を6月4日(土曜)午前0時よりローソン・ミニストップ店頭にあるLoppi(ロッピー)にて販売致します!

[当日販売 券種]
・6/4(土)当日入場券 ¥9,000(税込)、当日駐車券 ¥3,000(税込)
・通し当日入場券 ¥16,000(税込)、当日通し駐車券 ¥5,000(税込)

【 当日券は全てLoppiで販売致します。 Lコード40604 】



SINGLE DAY tickets, CAMP AREA ENTRY tickets, and all types of PARKING tickets to be sold on the day of the event will go on sale at 12:00am, the second it becomes Saturday the 4th. Purchase them at Loppi(at LAWSON & MINISTOP)

[Types of tickets being sold on the day of the event]
-SINGLE DAY tickets for June 4th (Sat) 9,000yen, PARKING tickets 3,000yen.
-TWO DAY PASS tickets 16,000yen, TWO DAY PARKING tickets 5,000yen.
-TWO DAY PASS tickets plus CAMP AREA ENTRY tickets 17,000yen.
(*all prices include tax)

[All tickets being sold on the day of the event will only be purchasable on the Loppi. The L code is 40604]

Heavy traffic and long lines can be expected this weekend.
Share the road and your love with your fellow man and have a great time♪

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